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My Top Sun Protection Products

It's the end of June, summer is around the corner. Are you protecting your skin from the strong sun? Here are my top sun protection products that I've been loving this summer!

1. Organic Argan UV Cut Spray
Love this UV cut spray not only because it provides long-lasting (and waterproof) UV protection of SPF50+ PA+++, but it smells divine. I don't even need a perfume when I wear this handy sunscreen which you can spray easily on your back, the back of your legs and hair.

2. Clinique Superdefense Daily Defense Moisturizer SPF 20
This moisturiser with SPF20 is perfect for a lazy weekend when I'm not wearing foundation. It has a slight sunscreen scent that I'm not a big fan of, but it goes away after like 5 minutes. Love the fact it gives a matte finish, too.

3. Clinique Superdefense SPF 20 Age Defense Eye Cream
Why don't all the eye creams in the world have SPF? This moisturising eye cream is tinted which brightens up my eye area instantly, while protecting the most sensitive areas to the sun. I am glad that they brought out an eye cream with SPF as I tend to get dark spots around my eyes, and this product makes me feel secure!

4. Origins Smarty Plants CC Cream / Light
I use this SPF20 CC cream to correct my complexion and to protect my skin against UV. I wrote a full-review HERE so I'm not going to ramble here about it, but it's such a lovely CC cream that evens out the skin tone and gives a subtle glow to it. I find the texture a little too heavy for me during summer, but I love wearing it in Spring, Autumn and Winter!

5. Origins Brightening Protector SPF40 PA+++
This is the sunscreen from their brightening range only sold in Asia. I love this one more than Smarty Plants CC Cream during summer, because it has higher SPF and the texture feels lighter on the skin. It doesn't have the sunscreen smell at all, and I enjoy the fruity scent that most of their products have. 

6. Biore Aqua Rich Watery Essence
You can read my in-depth review on this product HERE. It smells of citrus, and has NO sunscreen scent at all. It doesn't feel greasy on the skin, or face, I don't mind wearing it all over my body at all as it feels like I'm not wearing sunscreen! I would repurchase it once I've ran out of this current tube. That's how much I'm in love with this sunscreen!

I like Japanese products when it comes to sunscreen. They usually don't smell of sunscreen at all, and they don't leave your face looking like ghost's. It surprises me how many old-fashioned sunscreens are out there still, as it's even hard to find them in Japan lately. What's your favourite sun protection items?

Biore Aqua Rich Watery Essence

Biore Aqua Rich Watery Essence SPF50
I'm very picky when it comes to sunscreen. I hate the ones feel sticky or that leave white casts on my skin. More than that, I hate the ones that stinks of sunscreen. I had been lazy and never applied sunscreen on my face until I was 25 or something (which is terrible I know) and recently I managed to include it into my daily skincare routine somehow. But even now, I cannot bear the sunscreen smell. 

I like using a spray sunscreen on my body as it's very easy and quick, and it usually smells really nice like a body mist. And this one from Biore is my absolute favourite to use during summer on my face.

As you can see, and you can imagine from the name of it, it's very watery and light texture. It goes on clear when applied, and it feels like nothing is on. It doesn't feel sticky or greasy at all, yet it doesn't dry out my skin since it contains hyaluronic acid. It smells of grapefruits instead of the yucky sunscreen smell. What more can I ask for?

It's SPF50 PA+++ which is good enough to use at a beach, but at the same time it could be a bit too harsh to use on daily basis. I usually use SPF25-40 sunscreen during winter which should be enough, and I switch it to this Biore one in mid April when the sunbeam gets stronger. But if you are a type of person who works outside, or your skin is constantly exposed to the sun, I guess you should use SPF50 even in a colder season.

Do you use sunscreen every day? Which product is your favourite?