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A "stick" lip gloss! OPERA Sheer Lip Color

OPERA Sheer Lip Color / Salmon Pink  1,200yen
OPERA is a brand that is sold in the beauty shops such as Shop in and Makeup Solutions, and some "variety shops" such as LOFT, PLAZA and Tokyu hands. I knew the existence of the brand but had never tried anything from them as nothing seemed appealing to me. Until I found this "stick" lip gloss. 

This one is from the basic range, which is very sheer and you can see your natural lip colour through, and they just came out with the new range called "coloring range" which gives more intense colour and that is why they had a special stand in Shop in. 

After testing all of the shades on the back of my hand, I picked up this gorgeous peachy pink called Salmon Pink. This is literally a stick lip gloss as the name claims. It glides on smoothly, and gives shine like a lip gloss does. What I love the most about this product is that the tint is not too sheer. 

You can see how glossy it looks! And the shade is to die for...this is such a pretty pink that is not too bright and suitable for yellowy skin tone like mine.

In the photos it looks very sheer, but it does brightens up the whole complexion when applied. It creates the most beautiful, plumped  and glossy lips within a second. I LOVE the colour, the name "salmon pink" is perfect to describe the shade. I pair it with anything from simple makeup to dark smoky eyes, it goes well with any looks.

It feels like lip balm on the lips, not sticky or greasy at all. If you don't like the sticky feeling of lip gloss but want the glossy look on your lips, this one is prefect for you.

I thought it was too tiny for 1200yen and I would use it up within a week or so, but surprisingly it lasts for quite a long time. I've been using it for a month now and only used up 20% or so. I would definitely pick up other shades once I've used this one up. 

My two favorite nude shades from Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick

Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick 
Notting Hill Nude and Nude Delight  £6.29 each
I used to think that nude shades would wash me out and makes me look dead. But when I discovered that they make you look chic and sophisticated when you choose the right shade for your skin tone, I have been trying out some nude shades. Today I am going to write about my two favourite nude shades from Rimmel Moiture Renew Lipstick. Now they discontinued the exact ones that I have but they now have Rimmel NEW Moisture Renew lipstick (what a unique name, well done) which has the same shade range along with some new shades.

Left : Notting Hill Nude   Right : Nude Delight

As you can see in the photo above, Notting Hill Nude has more of a rose tone whereas Nude Delight is more like a beigy nude with an orange undertone to it. 

Notting Hill Nude

Nude Delight

 I love both shades, they are not bright colours but definitely brighten up my complexion somehow, and make me look healthy. Sometimes I add a lip gloss on top but usually I wear them on their own. I love the semi matte finish and the fact they don't contain glitter particles. I heard glossy lips will be on trend this spring and summer but I still love those creamy lipsticks!

What is your favourite nude shade? Share your favourites with me!

CANMAKE Stay-On Balm Rouge

CANMAKE Stay-On Balm Rouge 580yen
I came across this product when I was browsing around in PLAZA. I was not even thinking of buying another lipstick but it caught my attention somehow. At that time I was looking for a nude lipstick that  I can reapply anytime I want without a mirror, because it was right before I went on vacation.

This shade 04, Savonly Lily, seemed to be perfect for me. The concept of this product inbetween a lipbalm and a lipstick, is very similar to Revlon Lip Butter. It doesn't give stain on your lips -which I thought it would from the name of it- but it gives moisture like a lipbalm while giving a colour to your lips.

This is a very neutral shade that would be perfect for work. It's an orangy caramel beige with a hint of pink. It glides on very smoothly like a lipbalm.

It looks very natural on my lips as if I'm only wearing a lipbalm. It is buildable but it won't make a huge change even if you apply it 3 times. The more you layer it, the more it becomes beigy. It doesn't have shimmer but it gives this very lovely glossy effect on my lips  and make them look fuller.

It does not dry out my lips which is another bonus considering the price, and I have pretty sensitive lips. The staying power is not amazing, because it comes off easily when I eat or drink, but it's not a big issue because I can reapply it without a mirror!

Overall I think this is a very good product. Pigmentation of this particular shade isn't too good but other shade for example 01 which is a pure red, has much better pigmentation compare to this shade. Maybe that's simply because 04 is more like a nude shade, but if you are looking for a shade which shows up on your lips strongly, then 04 might not be your shade. I personally love this shade and I've been wearing it often. Another good product from CANMAKE!